About IVF Boss

Our Story


They say it takes a village to raise a child but they didn’t mention that for some, it takes a team of scientists, doctors, embryologists, surgeons, specialists, and oh yeah…a couple who is determined on bringing their little one into this world. That is the case with us, Kelvin & Dayanna. 

I, Dayanna, started IVF Boss to document my journey through In Vitro Fertilization, known as IVF. We have been trying to conceive for now over 5 years and up until recently, we had kept it a secret from family and friends. I wanted to make IVF not a taboo subject, to shine a light on this and though it took some time and convincing, I finally came to the decision that even if it helped one person, I would be happy with my efforts.

Little did I know, that by making @IVFBoss I would join a community so powerful that we would all work together to help each other out.

Here's what we have tried to date:

  • 4 years trying to conceive naturally with enhanced supplements for both Kelvin and I. 
  • 1 HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) to map the fallopian tubes and uterus (to date the most painful thing I have ever experienced)
  • 1 endometriosis surgery (January 2018)
  • 3 Intrauterine Inseminations consisting of 2 days each one (all 3 failed to get me pregnant)
  • 1 IVF cycle resulting in 24 eggs (9 mature, 6 naturally fertilized, only 1 surviving embryo)
  • 1 early miscarriage of our only surviving embryo 
  • IVF #2? Unknown. We have paid over $50,000 in procedures, tests, and medicines to date. 

Needless to say, it's been a very trying journey, full of emotions. But we keep moving forward because it's all we can do now.

What we are hoping to do:

1. The majority of the profits made from the sales in this store are to help us pay for our second round of IVF. We really want to start our family this way and we hope this little humble shop can help us get there little by little.

2. 5% of the profits generated will be going to the Resolve National Fertility Association. They help connect people like us going through the infertility journey and trial with the resources they need. Resolve is an amazing advocate for people going through this and I hope to help them continue in their mission to fight for all of us. 

Want to support us in our goal? See our GoFundMe here.

Possible Questions You May Have:

Insurance? Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover any infertility expenses. Everything we have done has been paid for out of pocket. To date, including the many surgeries, Dayanna has had to do along the way, we have paid over $50,000.

Why not adopt? Great question! We will! We want to build our family in different ways but our heart's desire is to first experience pregnancy and childbirth, then become foster parents after a couple of years and adopt older child(ren) age 7-18. The cost for adoption right now is really high and we would like to have the honor of experiencing a baby first if possible.

Thank you and we hope that you will follow our journey on social media!